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Double care of head spa & facial courseScalp care & anti-aging carbonic acid

Intensive W care course for beautiful scalp head care & beautiful small face facial

Head muscle stretch and fresh carbonic acid care regulate metabolism and autonomic nerves, and improve brain fatigue, fine hair, and hair loss. In addition, it is a package course that improves pore dirt, swelling and sagging at the same time with our unique skin-beautifying face slim care.

Recommended for those who…

Sebum Removal Deep Cleansing

For about 3 months (6 to 8 times), you can feel the rejuvenation effect by improving the slack and double chin.
※There are differences according to each individual.


Time Regular price Special Price
115mins ¥36,000 ¥29,900
( until April 30th.)

※The stated duration represents the exclusive time allotted for your complete privacy in a fully private room.
※Please note that within the allotted time, there includes time for changing, makeup, hair drying, styling, and tea time. Therefore, for a 115-minute course, the treatment time will be 95 minutes. Please be aware of this in advance.
※Long hair surcharge:
Hair length beyond the shoulders will incur an additional fee of ¥550, while hair length beyond the chest will incur an additional fee of ¥1,100.
※In order to enhance service quality and customer satisfaction, please note that course content and fees are subject to change without prior notice.
※All prices listed are inclusive of tax.


  • Consultation before treatment

    We would like to hear about your concerns, lifestyle and health condition. Professionals who knows the troubles of hair and scalp will give advice in a one-on-one basis regardless of age in a completely private room.

  • Sebum Removal Deep Cleansing

    Professional hair care to remove, sebum, sweat, dust, and residual styling agents using botanical cleansing. It breaks down the oxidized sebum, suppresses excessive sebum secretion while discharging toxins, and improves scalp environment and restores vitality with vigor.

  • Full Head and Muscle Care Massage

    Wayanpuri's original head care massage which grasps the layer, firmly to every corner of the entire skull while stimulating the acupressure points and the further back of the head muscles. By softening the hard scalp, it loosens stiff neck / shoulder and, eyestrains. It removes the fatigue that is pleasant. An elaborate special massage promotes blood circulation which will lead to a healthy scalp.

  • Neck Sholder & Collarbone Lymphatic Detox Massage

    A chest and neck lymphatic massage designed to eliminate the causes of problems such as scalp hair pulling and thinning hair. Lymphatic massage researched and developed by Wayan Puri promotes blood flow and creates healthy hair. Lymphatic massage is performed from the upper body. It promotes blood circulation in the neck, shoulders, clavicle line, arms and chest, and distributes nutrients to the hair follicles.

  • Facial cleansing massage

    The non-oil botanical cleansing ingredient removes not only makeup but also oxidized oil stains remaining in pores and grooves, and gently cleanses the skin to make it smooth and dull.

  • Face washing

    Gently wash with 100% natural soap foam that condenses the botanical blessings with high moisturizing and bactericidal effects. Excellent for acne, pimples and darkening of pores. It is safe for people with sensitive skin.

  • Aroma hot towel

    A hot towel with a pleasant aroma wraps your entire face and you can relax and relax.

  • Electro Face Cleansing

    By ultrasonic vibration, dirt in the deep pores that cannot normally be removed is turned into mist and blown away. Gently removes dead skin cells, leading to smooth, clear skin. At the same time, it also has a bactericidal effect, a calming effect, and a sebum secretion suppressing effect, and is also effective for acne and acne scars.

  • Placenta & hyaluronic acid introduction

    In addition to electroporation that allows stem cell skin regeneration components to penetrate deep into the skin, simultaneous care of high frequency and EMS promotes the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, and in addition to whitening and moisturizing effects, makes pores inconspicuous and lifts. You can even feel the effect of ups and small faces.

  • Natural Yeast High Moisturizing Whitening Pack

    High-quality live natural yeast restores skin rejuvenation, elasticity, luster, whitening, and texture in one fell swoop. It reaches the cellular level, moisturizes from the inside, has an immediate effect, moisturizes the skin and gives it a beautiful rejuvenated look. You can feel the difference in your skin the next day.

  • Sterilization/Deodorant Nano Steam

    The ionized and Nano micro-steam opens the pores by warming the scalp, and discharges excess sebum and waste products that are clogged up in the depths of the pores. Ozone creates an environment where hair is easy to grow, with bactericidal effect, cleansing effect, and deodorant effect.

  • High Concentration Vitamin C Collagen Gel Treatment

    A complete treatment to keep moisturized skin moisturized for a long time. Using aqua collagen gel that contains plenty of high-concentration vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, it has a whitening effect that enhances transparency and a moisturizing effect that leads to moisturized and beautiful skin.

  • Detox massage carbonated shampoo

    An amino acid-based carbonated shampoo that is gentle on the scalp and hair, gently cleans the scalp while gently caring for the hair. High-concentration carbon dioxide removes dirt from the scalp, and high-concentration carbon dioxide, which has a high blood circulation promoting effect, prepares hair and scalp. While retaining the necessary moisture, it removes dirt that hinders hair loss and hair growth, prevents dandruff and itching, and finishes hair from the roots to healthy and beautiful hair.

  • Microcarbonated Pore Jet Cleansing

    With a pulsating jet water stream, the scalp is struck to promote blood circulation while washing the skin and the depths of the pores. Thoroughly removes aging keratin, oxidized sebum, residual shampoo, coloring agents, styling agents, etc. remaining in the pores. It also awakens the blood that has accumulated in the head, promotes blood circulation, and creates a virgin hair growth environment. It is very popular for its exhilarating feeling by giving a pleasant stimulus as well as simply removing dirt.

  • Scalp Spa Essence Penetration

    Apply and infiltrate a moisturizing lotion for the scalp into a clean skin environment. Since it contains abundant natural ingredients with high medicinal effects, it promotes scalp metabolism at the same time as moisturizing, and in addition to hair nourishing effect, it improves dandruff, itchiness and UV damage, and makes the scalp healthy.

  • Hair Restorer Penetration Massage

    Finally, we will apply a special hair growth agent with high immediate effect to the scalp environment. It gives vitality to the scalp and hair follicles, and promotes the healthy hair and scalp conditions.

  • Activating the Hair Follicles by Ultra Pulse Machine

    By electroporation, the ingredients with high moisturizing and hair growth effect are delivered to the mother cells of hair. At the same time, it promotes blood circulation and metabolism of the scalp by high frequency and EMS, suppresses hair loss, thinning hair, dandruff, itching and odor, and grows thick and strong hairs.

  • Scalp Care Massage

    A stimulating and rhythmic head massage without roughening the scalp. After the scalp care course, this massage will promote blood circulation further and build strong blood vessels to send nutrients to hair and scalp.