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You can freely choose multiple options.
By simply adding on to your regular course, you can create your own customized experience!

Please try some of the excellent combinations that provide unbelievable and satisfying results. You can even decide on adding extras on the day of your course! They are quick and easy as well as being great value for money.

Option menu Time Regular price limited special price
Nomination fee - ¥1,000 -
High-concentration carbonated shampoo - ¥1,650 ¥550
Kampo Aroma treatment - ¥1,980 ¥1,100
Selectable extended care 10mins
¥2,200 ¥1,650
Pore jet cleansing 5mins ¥2,200 ¥1,650
Hand & arm Lymphatic massage 10mins ¥5,500 ¥4,380
Activating the hair follicles by Ultra pulse machine 10mins
Back lymph massage 10mins
Eye strain recovery care 10mins
Constitution improvement distortion correction 15mins
Neck, shoulder and back release treatment 20mins ¥8,800 ¥5,500
Myofascial release treatment 20mins
Spinal twist and misalignment improvement treatment 20mins

※Long hair surcharge:
Hair length beyond the shoulders will incur an additional fee of ¥550, while hair length beyond the chest will incur an additional fee of ¥1,100.
※In order to enhance service quality and customer satisfaction, please note that course content and fees are subject to change without prior notice.
※All prices listed are inclusive of tax.

¥1,650 options

Selectable extended care(10mins)

A little more of the best time...We will thoroughly massage your favorite part in units of 10 minutes. We will listen to your needs and serve you. Such a massage is truly blissful...


Pore jet cleansing(5mins)

Approximately 30 pulsating jets of water per second, unique to a specialty store, hit the scalp to promote blood circulation while thoroughly washing the skin and deep into the pores. Thoroughly removes aging keratin, oxidized sebum, residual shampoo, coloring agents, styling agents, etc. that remain in the pores until the very end.


Hand & arm Lymphatic massage(10mins)

By carefully massaging from the elbows to the palms and fingertips, you can relieve the fatigue of your hands that has accumulated unwittingly due to overuse. Massaging the fingertips promotes blood circulation in the upper body and improves metabolic function.

Activating the hair follicles by Ultra pulse machine(10mins)

Electroporation delivers ingredients with high moisturizing and hair-growth effects to the hair matrix cells. At the same time, high frequency and EMS promote blood circulation and metabolism in the scalp, suppress hair loss, thinning hair, dandruff, itchiness, and odor, and grow firm, thick, strong hair.

Back lymph massage(10mins)

Radio waves warm the body from deep to deep muscles and nerve cells. By raising core body temperature, it enhances healing power and immunity, and relieves chronic back pain, sensitivity to cold, swelling, constipation, menstrual pain, etc.

Eye strain recovery care(10mins)

This is recommended for those who frequently use a computer. We thorough massage and release the muscles throughout your entire head, lifting and rejuvenating. Relieve eye strain and the combined effect with a head spa treatment is astounding.

Constitution improvement distortion correction(15mins)

Along with the head spa, your posture will be refreshed and the effect will last. It is a new sensation correction massage that aims to improve the constitution by relieving neck and shoulder blade stiffness, painful eye fatigue, headaches, daily fatigue, and even techno-stress.

Concentrated physical therapy options

Neck, shoulder and back release treatment(20mins)

・Loosen the neck, shoulders, and shoulder blades
・Improve upper body posture
・Breathe deeply and adjust autonomic nerves


・Eliminates brain fatigue
・Loosen upper body and get in shape
・Relieve constipation

Spinal twist and misalignment improvement treatment(20mins)

・Upper body misalignment improvement
・Loosen back muscle
・Increases metabolism