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Oriental plants aroma head therapyKanpo head posture correction spa

Solve both brain fatigue and body misalignment by using rare Kanpo aroma.It is safe as we use Kanpo aroma that is made in Japan.

To promote blood circulation and improve posture correction by head lymph massage by using Japanese Kanpo blended with herbal medicines. Not only your scalp problems but also eliminates your face edema. It is recommended for those who want to improve insomnia, poor blood flow, eyestrain, facial swelling, and etc.

Recommended for those who…


time Regular price Special Price
90mins ¥22,000 ¥19,900
( until April 30th.)

※The stated duration represents the exclusive time allotted for your complete privacy in a fully private room.
※Please note that within the allotted time, there includes time for changing, makeup, hair drying, styling, and tea time. Therefore, for a 90-minute course, the treatment time will be 70 minutes. Please be aware of this in advance.
※Long hair surcharge:
Hair length beyond the shoulders will incur an additional fee of ¥550, while hair length beyond the chest will incur an additional fee of ¥1,100.
※In order to enhance service quality and customer satisfaction, please note that course content and fees are subject to change without prior notice.
※All prices listed are inclusive of tax.


  • Consultation before treatment

    We would like to hear about your concerns, lifestyle and health condition. Professionals who knows the troubles of hair and scalp will give advice in a one-on-one basis regardless of age in a completely private room.

  • Kanpo Aroma Scalp Cleansing

    Professional hair care to remove, sebum, sweat, dust, and residual styling agents using botanical cleansing. It breaks down the oxidized sebum, suppresses excessive sebum secretion while discharging toxins, and improves scalp environment and restores vitality with vigor.

  • Kanpo Aroma Full Head and Muscle Care Massage

    In this massage rare, high quality herbal aroma oil from Japan is used to improve stress, insomnia, and headache. Blood flow will improve as well as the sharpness of face line to look smaller.

  • Neck Shoulder & Chest Meridian Lymphatic Massage

    The original posture correction method corrects the body's threading and distortion, and promotes blood circulation. In addition, by returning the parasympathetic nerve to normal, the tension of the body and mind can be untied and self-immunity improved. The metabolism is improved at the same time and the complexion becomes bright.

  • Eliminating Twisted Arm, Beauty Style Orthodontic Massage

    By massaging and fixing the twisted fingertip along the flow of the meridian lymph, the autonomic nerves are adjusted and the waste material is removed. In addition, the oxygen to the cell spreads by eliminating the twist, and the circulation is smooth and the coldness and insomnia is solved and tiredness recovers.

  • Improving Blood flow, Twisted Fingertip Correction Massage

    By the original massage, the stiffness of the muscle of the neck shoulder and the chest is improved. When the flow of the meridian lymph is stuck, and blood circulation is not good, get a massage with your own herbal aroma oil choice to promote basal metabolism and direct approach to a less tiring body.

  • Detox Massage Shampoo

    Detox massage using a weak amino acidic shampoo that was made with top priority to the safety of the scalp. The rich gentle bubble gently catches dirt and recovers damaged and thin hair. It gives a good shine and thickness to hair with a moist finish.

  • Kanpo Hair Treatment

    Wayanpuri’s luxurious treatment pack includes 100% natural essential oil that blends with its own herbal ingredients. The acupressure points are stimulated while applying it to the hair and scalp. The natural essential oil is wrapped in a scent to loosen the stiffness, soften the scalp, and repair the damage of the hair.

  • Sterilization/Deodorant Nano Steam

    The ionized and Nano micro-steam opens the pores by warming the scalp, and discharges excess sebum and waste products that are clogged up in the depths of the pores. Ozone creates an environment where hair is easy to grow, with bactericidal effect, cleansing effect, and deodorant effect.

  • Conditioning Shower

    The warm water is showered slowly to the whole head. The flow of warm water to the scalp gives a deep relaxation. Three kinds of vitamin nutrition give hair a smooth and healthy hair that you will want to keep touching.

  • Argan Oil Treatment

    Moisturize the entire hair with the luxurious Argan treatment oil. Antioxidant and concentrated moisturizing ingredients lead to flexible hair. With natural essential oils such as rosemary and lavender, you can expect a relaxing effect.

  • Scalp Care Massage

    A stimulating and rhythmic head massage without roughening the scalp. After the scalp care course, this massage will promote blood circulation further and build strong blood vessels to send nutrients to hair and scalp.