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Hair esthetics and head therapyBeauty hair treatment head spa

The world's beauty professionals and foreign media are also highly recommending!Not only will you get a superficial smooth touch but also solve the trouble of hair from the root with the " special hair quality care".

A dream collaboration with the beauty hair treatment "high purity keratin" treatment TOKIO Inkarami x "high concentration head spa" from head spa specialty store.

It is not a mere hair treatment, it is a rare high concentration beauty ingredient treatment that can be intensive care for thorough repair to the inside of the hair, and it is a new sense of hair quality improvement head spa that produces a soft, fluffy, smooth, glossy, and shiny.

Recommended for those who…

High concentration cuticle coating treatment


time Regular price Special price
90mins ¥22,000 ¥13,990


  • Consultation before treatment

    We would like to hear about your concerns, lifestyle and health condition. Professionals who knows the troubles of hair and scalp will give advice in a one-on-one basis regardless of age in a completely private room.

  • Body check (Body composition balance diagnosis)

    We will do a body check because we cannot give the hair and scalp the necessary nutrition if there is poor circulation due to the blockage of lymph or stiffness. We will investigate the cause of your health from the body composition.

  • Scalp check

    In order to improve your hair and scalp problems, a healthy scalp is essential. We will examine the causes and future possibilities of scalp problems by checking the hardness and elasticity of the scalp, and skin color.

  • Scalp Scope Diagnosis

    The high-performance microscope checks the scalp condition that is not usually visible, and explores and solves the cause of all the troubles of hair and scalp, such as falling hairs, thinning hairs, odor, and stickiness. The scalp scope diagnosis is done in fully private room with an emphasis on privacy. Professionals will give personal advices.

  • Sebum Removal Deep Cleansing

    Professional hair care to remove, sebum, sweat, dust, and residual styling agents using botanical cleansing. It breaks down the oxidized sebum, suppresses excessive sebum secretion while discharging toxins, and improves scalp environment and restores vitality with vigor.

  • Full Head and Muscle Care Massage

    Wayanpuri's original head care massage which grasps the layer, firmly to every corner of the entire skull while stimulating the acupressure points and the further back of the head muscles. By softening the hard scalp, it loosens stiff neck / shoulder and, eyestrains. It removes the fatigue that is pleasant. An elaborate special massage promotes blood circulation which will lead to a healthy scalp.

  • Detox Massage Shampoo

    Detox massage using a weak amino acidic shampoo that was made with top priority to the safety of the scalp. The rich gentle bubble gently catches dirt and recovers damaged and thin hair. It gives a good shine and thickness to hair with a moist finish.

  • Micro-Jet Pore Washing

    With a pulsating jet stream that jets about 30 shots per second, the scalp is thoroughly washed to the back of the skin and pores while promoting blood circulation. You can get rid of old skin, shampoo, coloring agents and styling agents’ residues in pores. It also wakes up the blood that has been accumulated in the head with a superb exhilarating pulsating jet stream, promotes circulation, and creates a virgin hair environment.

  • Damage Repair ‘Down & Feather’ Keratin

    Adjusting hair base by giving stiffness to your hair with down & feather keratin from water birds. Fullerene which has 125 times more antioxidants than vitamin C will prevent from oxidation and lead to beautiful hair.

  • Amino Acid Treatment for Improving Hair Quality

    Making nutrition in your hair environment hard to run off by bonding and polymerizing the special amino acid and keratin with patent technology. This improve your hair quality greatly to thick and loose hair.

  • Sterilization/Deodorant Nano Steam

    The ionized and Nano micro-steam opens the pores by warming the scalp, and discharges excess sebum and waste products that are clogged up in the depths of the pores. Ozone creates an environment where hair is easy to grow, with bactericidal effect, cleansing effect, and deodorant effect.

  • High Density Vitamin E Hair Pack

    Stimulate the pressure points of head with spreading twice the normal use of beauty nutrition treatments. Softening your scalp as well as repairing damaged hair.

  • Conditioning Shower

    Stimulate the pressure points of head with spreading twice the normal use of beauty nutrition treatments. Softening your scalp as well as repairing damaged hair.

  • After Treatment Scope Check

    We will confirm the changes in the scalp condition before and after the course. After the course, you can actually see the clear and transparent pores on the scalp. Hair is stood up softly from the root. The professional therapist performs the scope check politely until the end while having the tea served.